Estate matters can be intimidating or uncomfortable for many people, either because of the subject matter or difficult circumstances related thereto.  But with my calm, thoughtful guidance – with a touch of humor when appropriate – I will make sure your documents are completed, or filings are submitted, in a timely manner, so you can attend to your other important business.

A typical estate planning project will involve an initial meeting, so I can understand your and your family’s needs, what assets you own, and whatever special concerns you may have.  I will then draft a standard package – will, revocable trust, power of attorney, and health care proxy – for your review, with both your personal wishes and any estate tax considerations incorporated therein.  Once you are comfortable with the content, we meet in person to finalize your plan.  Other documents, such as insurance trusts or real estate transfers, may also be part of your completed plan.

When a plan eventually needs to be implemented, I can prepare any probate paperwork and manage the probate process.  Meanwhile, I will work with family and financial advisors to determine the best allocation of assets to trusts that have been created.  And where tax returns need to be filed, I can prepare and file such returns, or work with other professionals to make sure all necessary reports are completed accurately and on time.

doing the right thing

I seek to develop trusting relationships so my clients feel comfortable with both the quality of my work and the decisions they make for the benefit of their children and other family members.

flat-fee planning

Virtually all of my estate planning work is done on a flat fee basis, so that my clients are free to ask questions, schedule meetings, etc. without being “on the clock”.

There from start to finish

Whether it is the process of drafting and completing estate planning documents, or assisting with probate documents and tax filings in an estate administration, I am available at every step of the way, so you can be confident in the work and the result.

I will come to you

One way of making my clients comfortable with estate matters is that, when it can be done safely, I will come to your home to answer your questions or have you sign documents.  Zoom can work too, but I prefer the personal touch whenever possible.